Statistical studies and definitions

First : Statistical studies had fulfilled under the supervision of the bureau and a group of researchers and scholars in Syrian universities and some governmental authorities during 2007.

Study Name Preparation
Unemployment in Syria 1994 - 2004  Dr. Sattouf Esheikh Husain
Illiteracy (aggravation of the problem with no solutions ) 2007 A.D - 1428 A.H.  Dr.Jum'a Hijazi
Household income characteristics & its relation with dwelling characteristics  Mohammed Defrawi – Mays'a Midani – Mays'a Akari
Development of irrigation mechanisms & agricultural mechanization 1994 - 2004  En. Rama Esheikh – En.Suhaila Mahmoud Daoud
Analysis enterprise of census data for 2004, population with special needs 2007  Dr. Talal Bekflouni
Internal migration in Syria  Team work
Woman contribution in the economic activity in Syria  Dr.Mohammed Akram Alqash – Rana Khleifawi
Random housing areas in Syria & linking them with population and households characteristics  En. Ayas Aldayri
Population Projections  Team work
Aspects of change of the elderly situation in Syrian Arab Republic between 1994 – 2004  Professors : Yousuf Brek – Ahmad Alasfar
Analytical study of industrial establishments  Ehsan Amer
Households types and their development  Reema Sweid – Mohammed Waiha – Waddah Alrakkad
Estimation of the general census data 2004  Abdullah Hammadi
Educational structure development of the Syrian Arab Republic population (comparative Study )1994 - 2004  Esam Esheikh Oughali – Dr. Fuad Ismail
Trends & contrasts in social type statistics  Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Alali
University education in Syrian Arab Republic 1994 - 2005  Mamdouh Mobayed – Ahmad Kelani
Agricultural tenures  Dr.Husien Alhasan – Dr. Qasem Alnoaimy
Analytical Study on the basic education  Maher Alrez – Abeer Alhaddad
Non- Syrian resident population & their characteristics  Dr.Sameer Hasan – Sumaia Sa'd Eddeen
Population distribution  Team work

Second : Some of statistical definitions

- The digital index of Syrian standard classification.    
- Analysis methods of descriptive and quantitative data.
- Hypotheses of the Multiple Linear Regression sample.
- Multiple linear Regression.
- T Test ( Knowing the differences indication between two averages ).