Survey sample:

Based on the results of the general census of dwellings and population for the year / 2004 / and by the item of legal status of dwellings, and the dwellings that under the survey do not have regular Tabou in governorates centers & cities centers in Damascus rural, according to neighborhoods and which are these dwelling's proportion is (75%) or more , and then from each enumerated area in these neighborhoods we took a cluster consists of (10) families at random way and we got the sample size that was distributed to governorates as follows:

Classification Governorates
Damascus Aleppo Damascus rural Homs Hama Lattakia Idleb
Number of dwellings 900 880 460 280 70 173 10
Classification Hasakeh Deir-ez-zor Tartous Al-Rakka Dar'a Al-Sweida Total
Number of dwellings 74 33 20 70 20 20 3010

Instructions have been given to supervisors and researchers to take the irregular Tabou dwelling instead of the regular one in the cluster.
It Is not permissible to interview more than one family per dwelling.

Field work:
  The field work had been carried out in the first month of 2008 as planned, and based on the instructions, each governorate supervisor has distributed the work areas o researchers by submitted samples, researchers have carried out the work assigned to them in accordance with the rates of performance.
Data processing and extraction of results:
1 Receipt of the survey: from governorates according to the samples and the response rate was 100% in the forms.
2 Auditing and coding: A manual has been prepared to audit and coding the forms , setting up rules to check quality and consistency of data that assigned to staff from the Directorate of economic statistics in the bureau.
3 Automatic processing of data: During the field work, a group consisting of programmers and analyst prepared and designed entering programs for the survey, and comprehensive verification rules have been set by the Directorate of economic statistics and these rules converted to a program in the Directorate of Computer, where the forms entry had done in the Directorate of Computer by the based performance rates.
4 Results extraction: An initial results for the survey have been extracted and presented to the technicians, and confirmed the validity of the data and correct some data, then the results finally have been extracted through tables to meet the needs of users.