Economic Statistics


  The direct foreign investment :
  In the light of need to improve data base related to the direct foreign investments as one of a big importance and
  developing fields in all economies especially the developed and markets economies ,whereas the direct foreign
  investment was seen as it reinforces the economy's ability to accomplish the growth in product, added value and
  the employment. Then the central bureau of statistics cooperated with the general investment institution and United
  Nations Development Program in accomplishment the direct foreign investment survey for 2008{accomplishment
  2009} in experience which consider the first kind of it in Syrian Arab Republic.
  To inform about the survey : Methodicalness    Form    Results
  Industry survey in private sector :      2006     2007     2009     2010    
  this survey has been executed in sample style and census and performs regularly each year on the industrial private
  sector institution to obtain this indicators : production , requirement of production , wages and labor , storage and
  sales , assets and deprecation , taxes and fees , in addition to data about : revenue , incomes and manufacturing
  expendure .
  Semi industrial indicators survey : this survey has been executed through sample style and the goal of this
  survey is collecting data on the industrial private sector by using a brief form includes the following indicators :
  revenue and production value , the value of production requirements and commodity services , number of
  employees and wages , in response to needs of industrial index calculation , the calculation of growth rate and to
  provide the directorate of national accounts the required data in time .
 Annual bulletin of production and sales in the industrial public sector : 
 this bulletin include tables for production and sales planned and actual quantity , value , and executed rate on
 commodity level .
 Production , costs , surplus and deficit bulletin in industrial public sector   
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 Environmental survey : these surveys aim to provide database for environment and give a clear image of waste
 management and the impact of environment pollutants in Syria and house hold waste , municipal , medical and
 industrial in terms of components , quantities , the method of collecting them , how to get rid of them , the degree of
 its seriousness and its impact social status and health .


  The hotels survey :    2008     2009  
 In the light of importance of the hotel activity within economic services sector ,this survey was done on all hotels in
 Syria for showing reality of this activity and its contribution in gross domestic product and in knowing what offers to
 tourism sector of services. The economic statistics directorate designed this survey and supervised its
 accomplishment. The bulletin showed all indicators related to this activity .
  Survey of arrival and departing tourism : this survey done in sample style at border post and Damascus and
  Aleppo airports on two phases in the year. The survey of incoming tourism aims to provide indicators and tourism ,
  the characteristics , and data on tourist in the country of residence , nationality , age . activity and occupation ,
  educational attainment , the spending of tourists , and tourism reasons. The survey of departing tourism aims to
  provide indicators of Syrian departure , and the like in terms of gender , country of destination , activity . age , and
  the volume of expenditure out side Syria .
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  Random sample agriculture survey of main crops (wheat , barley , lentils) , this survey carried out annually in
  two phases . first phase aims to obtain a comprehensive framework for areas of main crops . the second phase
  aimed to reach to quantify the production of this crops .
  Area , production and yield for the seasons (2008 – 2012) :    Wheat       barley     lentils   
  Random sample survey of crops protected :      2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   
  this survey aims to obtain the quantity and value of products grown in greenhouses of vegetables , fruits and
  ornamental plants , to see how their contribution to national income and to provide data on the number of houses
  and the number of employee and an area …etc
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  Sample survey of executed and licensed construction survey :
  Aims to obtain indicators by governorate and indicators of total (urban and rural areas) for each of the units, rooms
  and floor area completed from Licensed and part of the land based upon the property in addition to spending on
  the wages of labor in the construction sector and the total expenditure with value of land and without it. In addition
  to a variety of other indicators for the expenditure of total and aggregate level.
  Survey of the average cost of a single measurement carried out in residential construction : 
  designed to calculate the average cost per floor square meter for residential building addition to the expense of the
  average cost of each stage of construction and calculate the CPI for the cost per floor square meter. And this
  research execute annually covering both the private and the public sectors which determined the cost of structure in
  the both sectors and also to identify the cost of cladding the good and normal residence in the private sector. And
  this research provides the data necessary for scholars, researchers and planners to estimate the cost of
  Survey of material prices and residential construction works done in the governorate : The survey aims to
  obtain the necessary data to estimate the cost per square meter floor residential and the preparation of the CPI,
   and also aims to get the prices of production requirements material and human for the construction from various
  workshops by governorate centers and the market price.
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