Industrial survey in the private sector 2007

The Central Bureau of Statistics  ( Economic Statistics Directorate ) annually implements an industrial survey in the private sector depending on the establishments frame resulting from the restriction process for 2004 and synchronous with the general census process of the population & housing in addition to new establishments ( licenses to establish new industrial establishments) which are obtained by economic statistics directorate from the industrial directorates through the statistics directorates in the governorates.

Also the observations of the field statistical researchers benefit to make the necessary annual modifications on that  frame . For this year the survey was accomplished  by two methods: the first one is the Sample  (1 – 15 worker ) and the second is the total restriction and census ( 16 worker and more ).

Table ( A )
This table Shows the industrial establishments number that were searched for ( sample and total
                     census) according to governorates.

Table ( B ) : This table shows more important economic indicators in both public and private sectors related to the
                      manufacturing industry except oil refinery for the years ( 2003 to 2007 ).

Table ( C ) :This table includes the total number of the industrial establishments according to governorates 2007.

Table ( 1 ) : This table shows some indicators related to industrial production in the private sector according to

Table ( 2 ) : This table shows some of economic relations in the industrial private sector according to economic
                     activity groups.

Table ( 3 ) :  In this table the same indicators and economic relations which were mentioned in table (2)were
                     calculated by workers groups.

Table ( 4 ) : This table includes relation indicators between gross output value and the values of sold quantities of
                     the production by governorates.

Table ( 5 ) : In this table the indicators which were mentioned above in table ( 4 ) were calculated but according to
                     economic activity groups.

Table ( 6 ) : This table includes the same indicators in table ( 4 ) through this table the establishments contribution
                     appears by workers groups.

Table ( 7 ) : This table shows the fixed assets movement in the survey year through the presentation of the
                     purchased assets during the year with other additions after depreciation calculation.

Table ( 8 ) : This table includes the same indicators of the previous table on the level of economic activity groups.

Table ( 9 ) : This table includes indicators in table ( 7 ) but according to workers groups.

Table (10) : This table includes indicators group related to industrial private sector workers by governorates
                    ( where the workers were divided into paid workers and unpaid workers).

Table (11) :The indicators which were mentioned in table ( 10 ) were calculated according to economic activity

Table (12) : This table includes the indicators in table ( 11 ) which were calculated according to employment size in
                     the establishments.

Table ( 13 ) : Some establishments work for the other party and this revenues which were offered by the other are
                      added to production in this establishments according to the national accounts system, while the
                      production to benefit the other not added to the establishment production and appeared in this table
                      as an indicator of the industrial statistics needs.

Table ( 14 ) : This table includes the same indicators in table ( 13 ) on the level of workers groups.