Survey of slum / Dara'a city 2010

  After issuing the results of slum survey 2008 by the central bureau of statistics which
  was accomplished on country level, the bureau with cooperation with Dar'a governorate ( Dar'a city
  council ) conducted a survey of the phenomenon of slum and expansion areas in Dar'a
  city including identified areas by the city council, so a technical committee of the bureau and
  following - up committee of the city council have been formed to prepare the required questionnaire.
  One of the objectives of this survey was providing data about dwellings environment and
  characteristics of families and individuals in addition to establishments number and practicing
  activities. The preparation of the survey has been made by preparing the questionnaire and visiting
  the areas which are required to study then setting up the plans by geographic maps unit in the bureau
  after that training researchers for the field work stage and preparing computer programs to enter
  data and process it to extract the initial and final results of this survey.      
     H - Survey Questionnaire
      H -The initial results tables



  Slum Survey 2008       

   The general census of population and housing which had accomplished in 2004 has provided with
   general data about housing in Syrian Arab Republic, and this data has assured a framework for
   more detailed and specialized surveys.
   In this context , the Central Bureau of  Statistics performed a survey of  the slum phenomenon
   in governorates centers of a sample of districts ( where the phenomenon is spreading by 75 %
   and more) which allowed accessing to the indicators of housing and population characteristics
   of these areas.
     H Definitions and concepts were adopted in the survey.
     H A sample survey.
     H The most important results of the survey.
     H Bulletin tables of slum.
          - Percentage distribution of housing.
          - Percentage distribution of population.
          - Percentage distribution of workers.
          - Percentage distribution of infection and type of disease