The Main Syrian Sites

  Ministry Of Finance
  Ministry Of Higher Education

  Ministry Of Education
  Ministry Of The Interior
  Ministry Of communication
  Ministry Of Health
  Ministry Of Domestic department & Environment
  Ministry Of Economy & Foreign Trade
  Ministry Of Emigrants
  Ministry Of Transport
  Ministry Of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform
  Ministry Of Tourism
  Ministry Of Information
  Ministry Of Irrigation
  Doctors Association
  Teachers Association
  Bar Association
  Airline Institute
  Alasad National library
  General Staff For Broadcasting
  General Department For Archeology & Museums
  Syrian Arab News Agency

International Organization

  Food & Agriculture Organization    (FAO)
  International labor Organization    (ILO)
  International Monetary fund   (IMF)
  Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development   (OECD)
  United Nation Development Program   (UNDP)
 World Health Organization   (WHO)
 International Bank